Earlier this week I had a creative shoot that I've been looking forward to for quite a while.  A few years ago my friend and frequent hair and make up artist Gina Pulai had the very enticing idea of doing a photo shoot inspired by the 1967 Mike Nichols directed film "The Graduate".  I have to give absolutely all of the credit to the incredible team we had, I literally walked on to the set and shot.  Hair and Make-Up by Gina Pulai and assisted by Carly Jaye Smith.  Wardrobe and styling by Anouk Natalya Willy.  Produced by Laura Tyrrell, Kristiann Boos and Gina Pulai.  Photo Assistant and all around good dude Simon Loffler.  Finally a huge thanks to our great models Jolie Adele as Mrs. Robinson, Aidan Shipley as Ben and Laila Sather as Elaine.  Whammy!  Here's the shoot!