Reelside was such a huge/fun project for me.  Being able to work along side some unbelievably talented artists was very humbling and inspiring.  Superheroes is Reelside's season finale.  It's another anthology episode focusing on comic books and geek culture.  But this puppy is a bit closer to my heart.  One of the directors and the driving force for the episode is one of my oldest and best friends, Matthew Lochner (star of many of my photos over the years).  Matthew has been tasked with creating a superhero of his own.  Along the way he seeks guidance from Stephen Amell (star of Arrow), David Hayter (writer of X-Men, X2 & The Watchmen) and Lloyd Kaufman (the man behind the curtain at Troma).  This one took us all over North America, shooting in Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles.  The episode is directed by Matthew Lochner and Raj Panikkar, shot by myself and edited by Adam Locke-Norton.  I've forgotten to mention (until now) Reelside was produced by Chris Szarka and Raj Panikkar.  Below is the episode trailer and some behind the scenes photos I shot on my phone.  It airs this Thursday at 9PM on TMN!